Anonymous asked:
I actually think your hair looks a million times better short, it fits your face. I mean I think you're gorgeous either way, but you should definitely give that length a chance because it does you justice like your long hair didn't.


well thank you very much. although of course i disagree. i like it, but i definitely like my hair long. i will probably never cut it again. 

but anyways. thank you so much! that is very kind of you to say (:

and also. why are you anonymous? 

who are you?

clearly you actually know me. 

i haven’t posted on tumblr that i cut my hair. the only way you could’ve known was instagram or facebook



thank you though. thanks a lot 

Anonymous asked:
Excuse me, but do you have somewhere I could put my boner?

i do actually 

hand it over and 

i’ll just shove it up your ass

Anonymous asked:
have you/would you ever do anal?


i honestly don’t mind whoever you are and these bizarre questions you ask but..





no i have not and possibly if isaac let me blindfold and handcuff him and then a threesome with a unicorn. (he won’t let me ): )

its only fair right?

each get what we want? lolololol JK

totes kidding, totes

vmgzombie asked:
yup! super duper adorable! you hush!






vmgzombie asked:
ermagerd i nerd a gerfran lol make any sense now?


i get it now hahha (:

surfingbrainwaves asked:
omg, love you for being a mermaid.. All my friends call me mermaid. <3!

haha my goal in life is to be a mermaid/gypsy/hippie

hahahah im undecided

same things, right? lol

and that’s awesome (:

surfingbrainwaves asked:
Sweet! I need some new rad blogs to follow. And whatever you'd like to post, lady. I'm just a curious kitty.

okayyy i’ll post some semi-recent ones (: haha

surfingbrainwaves asked:
post a peeckachure of yourself? Also, any cool blog recommendations?

take one?

or just post one ?

im too lazy and look like pewp hahaha

and ummmm yeah!! hold on, i’ll post my crushes and my favorites haha (:

vmgzombie asked:
when was the first time you felt really embarrassed? a time when you felt like you were going to melt if everyone didn't stop looking at you.

the time i peed myself at the orthodontist


i was probably like 10 or 11

ive never told anyone

even my mom

until now

that’s pretty old to be peeing yourself, eh?

i got home and cried for hours

it was terrible


Anonymous asked:
6, 14, 96

6. kissed a girl….yes? somewhat? kind of?……haha (: i’ll put it this way..not in a passionate, loving, seductive way. unfortunately.

14. umm, no. to sex in public

96. yes! helped with charity (:

these were random haha thanks (:

fallingfirelikerain-deactivated asked:
5 19 34 42 58 79 80 83 86 100

5. indeed i have kissed a boy

19. yes i have “drank alcohol” lol

34. yes i have been to another country

42. i havent won a trophy ):


79. met someone famous, umm…does stephenie meyer count? hahahha

80. been on vacation, yes (:

83. yes i’ve broken expensive things /:

86. YES! i’ve beat a video game, they are my life

100. yeah, i’ve broken a mirror too );

Anonymous asked:

1. yes, i have had sex

13. sexted? How do you think one survives long distance relationships? oui (:

30. unfortunately i have not kissed in the rain /: at least not that i can remember…..nope, no ):

vmgzombie asked:
ok lets get this one answered first because it is just such a mystery #16 lol

lololololol i love you matt (:

yess i have smoked quite a bit of weed (:

Anonymous asked:
how did you make that liger shirt?

i just cut it..

the neck part, the sleeves and the bottom

but it was originally my aunt’s and i think she got it at hot topic.

but you can always buy that iron on paper and print it off from the internet onto to the paper

and then iron it onto a shirt you have! ♥

have fun