i guess sometimes people just don’t change. 

calling tomorrow on the rooms i found…

ugh i’m scared

not really scared

just worried about how my parents are going to take this…

just anywhere near school and work..

i’ve found a few places in menifee

and temecula, but i found one place i really like and i’m going to call tomorrow about in temecula!

if you know anyone…you should totally let me know!

dying dying dying

ugh cute boys are cute


you are no boy

you’re a man

and i want you


but why must you be so far ):

I’ve always known my sister was her favorite
It wasn’t a big deal
It didn’t bother me.
But now.
Now that all of this shit has been happening

Like sure, my youngest of the two can know that I have cancer and I might have to chop my boob off but her? Oh dear no. Let me wait a month to tell her because I don’t want to worry her like that…

And now that her boob actually is gone, I understand that she’s in a lot of pain but I’ve offered to her places like dropping off her prescription. Or buying groceries. You can’t be cooped up at home forever. Her excuse always was that she didn’t feel good or was in too much pain. But today?
Where is she?
Oh yeah she’s at the mall during the busiest time of the year shopping with my sister.
Makes sense.

Like I don’t understand. I love that woman so much. I would without a question kill myself for her.

But I’m never good enough.

i just want to scream and cry forever

for the rest of my life. 

and when i die

maybe then i’ll feel better

maybe then i’ll be relieved

or maybe i’ll just keep crying in my grave

here's this little video i made i took it when i went out to work with my dad and the bees! it kind of really sucks, but oh well i tried

So cute :3

no stahp.  nooo

HALP i cant decide.

this is serious.

she asked for this shoot as a gift to her boyfriend

these pictures will be in an 8x10 leather bound book

so which is best??

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oh my god i love you


i love you too samamam (: